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bill default no horseBill is a messenger with a track record of credibility who has worked with hundreds of sales reps in various industries. His energy is infectious, the topics relatable and their application possible. He is compelled to develop a platform that will provide for the betterment of people who are willing to invest in themselves.

What to Expect

These talks are the product of 22 years of “in the trenches” engagement, from rough-hewn job sites to highly veneered Fortune 500 board rooms.

Value is experienced as an outcome. Value in business is found in the result. Banks don’t cash effort, they cash results. We can think brilliant thoughts but not act – we can act without knowing or we can feel and act with great intent. It doesn’t matter, all that matters is: did the other party realize the value of your activity?

The Always Forward! series of talks will challenge the audience to find their why, as I reveal the what, how, and when that drive the activities which will influence and generate those results that expand your lifestyle options.