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Roots and Routes: Never Forget Where You Came From

Acquiring success, becoming a leader, being an innovative game changer; these are all things that call for great commitment and dedicated hard work.

We all have goals and objectives in life, following plans of action that are designed to help us achieve said goals and build the kind of life we want.

In the bid for attaining success, it’s easy to get sidetracked and lose focus of what truly matters. As we acquire more and more, accomplishing one thing after another, we become like a well-oiled machine programmed to perform and deliver.

It’s easy to lose sight of why we started the journey in the first place and end up turning our back on our roots.

Practice Gratitude

No matter how far we get, how close to the top we are, it’s essential that we always practice being grateful. Nothing should be taken for granted—it is the hard work that you yourself have put in that is paying off in the end.

Every step of the way, gratitude plays a big role on how we conduct ourselves in our attitude toward our own journey, as well as how we can seek to inspire others through our own experiences.

Stay Humble

Keeping your roots close to your heart makes it easier to stay humble. Knowing where you started from and acknowledging how far you have come can help foster a balance between not selling yourself short and not putting on an air of arrogance.

Bill Wooditch, a professional keynote speaker, entrepreneur, successful CEO and bestselling author, worked his way up from the bottom. When he stared out, he had a mere $200 to his name, and through firm commitment and unrelenting hard work he was able to get to where he is today.

Throughout his journey, from working in a factory to fund his pursuit of higher education, Wooditch stayed true to his roots.

It’s important that we never forget where we started lest we forget why we embarked on the journey toward success in the first place!

Bill Wooditch, as a motivational speaker for hire, now uses his experiences as a way to help guide people in the right direction. His keynote speeches have a lot to offer to those looking to attain personal and professional success, a cohesive mental, spiritual and emotional journey that can help transform.

From facing fears to enhancing willpower, Wooditch is passionate about his work as a keynote speaker and is invested in engaging audiences effectively.

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