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The day is won or lost by those who can make the best possible decisions in the shortest period of time.  A successful day often depends upon your ability to execute an often fluid list of priorities. The rapid nature of today’s business environment demands that you learn how to think about “next” and act NOW.  Bill Wooditch is a passionate speaker; the founder and CEO of a company that over 23 years, grew from a fledgling startup to an industry leader that generated over $100mm in sales.

He shares his personal, purpose-critical difference-makers like “The Think and Do Effect”, “Play it Forward” and “Close the Circle”; game changers in life and its subset, business.


You will learn:

  • That some think and fear to do, and some do without thinking. Bill reveals how to marry thought and action to separate yourself from the field of others who fear to do or fail to think.
  • How to anticipate and play a situation forward to a possible future result, condition or conclusion. The ability to “Play it Forward” can save time, energy and aggregation by revealing the best possible tactics and strategies to realize the result you intend.
  • The steps necessary to bring a request to a successful conclusion while informing the requester of the process and progress toward the desired end.
  • Learn how to develop the “3 Cs” that influence people. Competent confidence is contagious. Become confident and competent – learn to relay your message with conviction. People are moved by people who have conviction, competence and confidence.


“Take equal parts of jet fuel, crazy, I.Q., success and discipline, put them in an incendiary device… its name is Bill Wooditch (The Wooditch Company), A gifted circuit speaker and author he is changing lives by telling his brand story of fearlessness and “always moving forward.” Today we lit the fuse and he went off.”

– Eric Stein, Partner, Neu Citizen Creative