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You are going to make your fate and generate your luck by activity, knowledge, people skills, and Colgate smile.

If you earn a paycheck, welcome to the world of entrepreneurs, my friends, because you are in business for yourself. You work for yourself, think about it. There is no way around or out of this arrangement. You work for your freedom, your security, or your illusion of your security, your necessities, your luxuries, and all that which emanates from the business of you.

Know that you work for yourself. Every email you type, every letter you write, every conversation you have, every thought that crosses your mind and every action that emanates from that thought, paints and frames you as not only a brand but as a singular corporation. It is your future; treat it with respect in the present.


  • Become a rebel for your own cause by first learning what that cause is, and then align its execution with the ways and methods that provide for the betterment of others.
  • Learn how to develop the “3 Cs” that influence people. Competent confidence is contagious. Become confident and competent – learn to relay your message with conviction. People are moved by people who have conviction, competence and confidence.
  • Mastery demands absorption. We must become absorbed and consumed by the demands, nuances and challenges of business and life. Are you prepared to make the sacrifices that mastery demands?
  • Learn the value of practice and how it improves your craft by building confident competence. We must deploy diligently what we practice with dedication. Practice is more than intermittent exercise – it is the habitual discipline to improve. What trait are we born with that, through practice and application, will bring discipline to our approach and success to our efforts? This talk will show you the way to maximize this trait.
  • Learn how to get out ahead of the pack. Design change and lead the charge. This talk will come with tissues – because the cutting edge is the bleeding edge. Are you ready to earn the reward by taking the risk? Are you willing to generate creative thought and take the necessary action to realize productive achievement?

The Audience

We’re going to light this talk up! Buckle up – you contemporary visionaries and market-disruptors! You who will become the embodiment of tomorrow’s entrepreneur – your transformation starts today! This talk is dedicated to those who are driven to provide the path of possibility from the success of the proven. I will speak to the heart of those who believe their success isn’t conditional on circumstance or luck. Your future will depend on what YOU do, not what others DID.

This is for those who are compelled to make a difference in their life or the lives of others by engaging in vigorous, purposeful, directed activity. This talk is for those who heed the call of their internal voice, and are in search of a way to live out their action statement. This is for those who believe that living to the spirit of their personal action statement, will make them relevant and formidable.