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Strengthening Your Willpower Muscle

Ever tried to resist the temptation of delectable chocolate chip cookies that you know are just waiting for you in the kitchen?

Or perhaps, if you’ve tried to cut back on smoking, then you must be familiar with the fight to give in and bum a smoke from your friend.

Resisting temptation is all about self-control, and the ability to maintain that self-control is what we call willpower.

When it comes to exerting willpower on a daily basis, it’s essential to realize that this is a limited resource. Like a muscle in your body, overusing it can cause your willpower to run out, just as an overused muscle gets fatigued.

However, on a long-term basis, willpower can also be built up and strengthened very much like a muscle!

Those who make an effort to practice self-control and exert their willpower on a fairly regular basis tend to have a better grip on resisting temptations.

Enhancing Willpower

Tracking Your Behaviors

In whatever way your self-control is going to be tested—whether it’s in terms of food, smoking, drinking—you will need to keep better track of your habits.

Need to cut back on spending? Monitor what purchases you make in order to be more aware of your spending habits. If you need to diet, then you need to keep track of what your current eating behaviors are.

Manage Your Environment

Our willpower comes into play when we are exposed to some kind of stimuli that tempts us. The lure of Facebook is irresistible when you can see the app on your phone, with notifications pinging every other minute.

There are cookies right there in the kitchen cabinet, and after a day of making decisions leading to depleted self-control, it’s going to be hard to resist. What better way to manage this than to take charge of your environment and remove such temptations entirely?

Regular Willpower Workouts

Whatever the arena, if you’re actively avoiding temptation and practicing your self-control on a daily basis, you’re giving your willpower muscle the workout it needs.

Incorporating habits that help enhance self-discipline and self-control is also a great way to enhance this muscle. For example, regular exercise or meditation can help you develop a routine that is conducive to resisting short-term temptations for the sake of long-term needs or objectives.

Motivational keynote speaker and business coach Bill Wooditch is a firm believer in the fact that strong willpower can serve as a precursor to success.

His presentation on willpower focuses on how to enhance the willpower muscle and minimize the behaviors and patterns that diminish it. Contact us at 724 540 5092 to hire him for your next event!

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