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Bill did an excellent job with our team. His ability to mix salient ideas specific to our team with big picture ideas helped everyone and was outstanding. Bill’s enthusiasm and passion exceeds all other speakers I have seen. I would recommend him to anyone, but especially those companies that are trying to grow to the next level!

- Tyler Haahr, CEO, MetaBank

For Always Forward! 

This book is must-read for anyone at any stage of his or her sales career. Period.

The author infuses energy into every page. And his “Think and Do” mantra is brilliant in its simplicity and substance. I especially appreciated his “33-1/3%” chapter, which will be a stress-reliever and put the inevitable rejections into proper perspective for those on the sales firing-line.

Those constantly facing clients’ efforts to chisel away at price will want to read the author’s take on WAP (Walk Away Power), which deals with the fine and often-difficult line between maintaining one’s self-respect—and capitulation.

Finally, the author’s uncle wore a lot of wisdom on his little tie clip, bearing the acronym YCDGBSOYA! I’ll let you discover the wisdom for yourself.

Do yourself—and your sales career—a big favor and order the book NOW.


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- Larry Coffman, Publisher, MARKETING Newspaper

Looking forward to your next visit at our events. Your last talk was highly inspirational with tangible takeaways!

- Garett Moreau, Founder & Chief Information Adviser, Augury IT

Top notch presenter. Great blueprint to our success in 2016!


High energy – great thoughts and examples on what bringing passion to your job can yield. Very well done.


I appreciated his emphasis on “making a connection” because decision-makers typically do business with people they feel comfortable with.


Very impressed with him and his passion and enthusiasm for succeeding in life. I was ready to conquer the world when I left the room.


I enjoyed the speech because it was different in tone and style compared to other motivational speeches I have heard in the past. He got my attention. I thought it was great!


You killed it! Great takeaways!


I liked the speech and personally related to several things Bill said. I like how he incorporated into the speech to follow your heart.  Either you are in the right position, which in this case is sales, or you are not.  If you are in, then you should be all in and it should make you excited to get up each morning to do what you do.


I had shared my story with him afterwards and let him know that I could compare my experiences over the past year to several things he mentioned in his speech. Thanks for asking him to come and talk with us.


I can tell you, everyone in attendance really took something from your presentation.  One person in particular I was dubious on (career skeptic), couldn’t even refute the message and admitted they enjoyed it very much. I follow you on LinkedIn and enjoy your posts.  Motivation takes all form, and obvious reminder should never be dismissed…keep moving us forward.

- Feedback from National Sales Conference – MetaBank – 01/17/16

“Thank you for sharing your passion for strong leadership. Your energy for building great teams is infectious; you definitely left everyone with lots to think about and hopefully act upon.”

- Erica Moir, Jacuzzi Group Worldwide

“Thanks Bill for taking the time to enlighten us.  I can tell by you taking the road less travelled, you have accumulated a wealth of experiences that make you beyond a seasoned veteran.  Your presentation had a lot of great take-a-ways and I’m sure to take a lot from it.”

- Tim Hoang, Takeya USA

“Take equal parts of jet fuel, crazy, I.Q., success and discipline, put them in an incendiary device… its name is Bill Wooditch (The Wooditch Company), A gifted circuit speaker and author he is changing lives by telling his brand story of fearlessness and “always moving forward.” Today we lit the fuse and he went off.”

- Eric Stein, Partner, Neu Citizen Creative

“You have the fervor and delivery of an Evangelical Minister.”

- Michael Malone, CEO, Vestige Chair

“He was so dynamic and so sincere which is rare. Most speakers are boring and not inspiring. I moonlight as a screenwriter and listening to Bill gave me some creative ideas. I loved it!”

- David Vernon, American International Group

“I am still charged over the Bill Wooditch presentation…”

- Rod Philips, Starr Insurance