Who is Bill Wooditch?

Who is Bill Wooditch?

“Make today’s hurdle to greatness tomorrow’s bar of expectation!”
– Bill Wooditch

After spending a year at a dead-end job with a foreclosed future, Bill Wooditch created and adopted his renowned “Always Forward” mindset, and “found a way and made a way” from the impoverished backwoods of western Pennsylvania to create a multi-million dollar company. His bestselling book, “Always Forward!”, has been called “a game plan for life” by NBC’s Tracy Forner. His book is a product of the hard-won experience he earned as the top salesperson at a Fortune 500 company and, later, as the top producer for two consecutive years at the 6th largest insurance brokerage firm in the world.

Bill Wooditch is a keynote speaker and peak-performance business training coach. He is the host of "The UNSTOPPABLES" on The Wooditch Network, and a mentor for those who are determined to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Since February 2017, Bill has been a regular contributor on The Steve Harvey Show.

Guiding action statement: Life is to be lived in forward motion!

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Bill Wooditch is a top tier leadership motivational speaker, passionate and engaging—the perfect candidate to hire for your next corporate event. His wit and wisdom engage audience, causing them examine and act on the direction their professional lives are taking.

He excels as a speaker in the arena of leadership development, particularly in business matters – inspiring the quest for innovation, enrichment and self-fulfillment in personal and professional undertakings. He has also authored Always Forward, a bestselling book providing the tools you need to face challenges head on and to carve your own way in the world.

Hire Bill Wooditch as a motivational speaker and watch him inspire and enthrall audiences!

Bill Wooditch is a business coach and leading speaker for corporate events. He uses his experiences and insight to inspire individuals to pursue personal development and professional success with single-minded fervor, providing valuable guidance in leadership, sales, and becoming a game-changer in your own right. Not only is he a top inspirational guest speaker, but he is also a best-selling author of the book “Always Forward.”

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Acquiring success, becoming a leader, being an innovative game changer; these are all things that call for great commitment and dedicated hard work. We all have goals and objectives in life, following plans of action that are designed to help […]

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“Thank you for sharing your passion for strong leadership. Your energy for building great teams is infectious; you definitely left everyone with lots to think about and hopefully act upon.”

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