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Successful Businesses Do Not Remain Stagnant

Setting up a business is not easy. It takes years of hard work, planning and perseverance to develop something substantial from nothing. Particularly for entrepreneurs who have just started out, managing so much—attracting clients, marketing your brand and generating enough income to pay off overhead—can become overwhelming. Even in cases where entrepreneurs are successful in the early stages of their business, there can still come a time of stagnation. (more…)

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Is Coaching Right for Your Team? Let’s Find Out!

Just like managing a sports team, managing your employees requires a solid strategy, a good dose of talent and little bit of magic to bring it all together. A 2014 CB Insights survey has the answers. It estimated that over 46% of startups fail due to dysfunctional teams or lack of appropriate management. It’s even more important if you are looking to raise funds for your venture; it wouldn’t be possible without a team that doesn’t think along the same lines. (more…)

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How to Blast through Goals, Break Through Barriers and Remove Constraints

Do you know that the blockage of a single artery can lead to cardiac arrest and sudden death? The same rule applies to businesses. Your cash flow might seem good; you may be nailing all your targets; things may seem smooth on the surface. That doesn’t necessarily mean your operations are barrier- and constraint-proof. (more…)

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