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Enrollment from suspect to prospect and prospect to client is a process that I metaphorically link to dating. Let’s view this in the context of courtship in a bygone era that is as rare now as online dating is common. Courtship is a process of winning the heart of another. It is a process of familiarity gained through time spent getting to know each other; learning of another’s values, goals and aspirations.

The goal in a courtship is to get to “next” – the next date, the next step in the process to the altar. This talk is about getting to “next” – it examines the why, how, when, where and what of a process that is designed to win hearts and influence minds.

Developing relationships in business is subject to the art of courtship – it is a process and a practice. The Sex of Sales talk is an engaging experience – together we will explore and navigate the art and steps that are essential to enroll hearts and minds.


  • You will learn how to apply my proprietary QUALIFY™ process. It is a proven, effective game-changer that separates the winners from 2nd place. The unwillingness or inability to differentiate opportunity from conversation is one of the biggest time and money expenditures in sales today
  • You will learn the words, phrases, gestures and behaviors that position, posture and place you in command of the sales courtship
  • Do you know what is happening in the milliseconds of a first impression? Is there a way to overcome that initial impression? We’ll find out in this enlightening and engaging talk!
  • What is the romance, the dance, the candles and the moonlight in the business arena? Your buyer wants to be seduced, your buyer wants romance. They may not want it from you but they do want to dance, they do want the candles, or they just want it the way they want it. Most of the time they want to be seduced, they want to know they are important and different. They want to feel unique and special. This is the “Sex of Sales”
  • Seduction is a process. The process of enrolling a prospect to a client is a process. This process outlines the steps that breed familiarity – learn how to take these steps to ask the questions and listen to the answers in order to apply for intended result.

The Audience

This talk is for those who have felt or are compelled to feel the adrenaline rush that comes from engagement in the art of sales. Sales is a process of engagement that flows not from canned script or glossy page of a brochure, but from the personal feel of human connection.

This talk is infused with the passion that exists on the raw edge of engagement. This talk is for those who dare to be authentic – who are aware that getting to “next” is crucial if we are to have sustainable success. Success is won or lost in the human realm. We must get to “next” in the process – the next meeting, the next call, the next proposal, and the next renewal. “The Sex of Sales” marries the person to the process and the process positions you for “next” from the first contact to the cashed check.